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Cleaning Tips

Clean office desk

Our professional cleaners in Regina want to offer you ways to keep your office, store, warehouse, school, or other building clean in between our service appointments. Below are some tips you can easily implement. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

  • Whether you use a professional cleaning service or not, every business should have a closet or other area stocked with the basic cleaning supplies—glass cleaner, dusting spray, microfiber cloths, rubbing alcohol, paper towels, and other industry specific items).
  • If you assign members of your employee team basic cleaning jobs, keep a laminated list on display to remind them of their responsibilities.
  • Keep some keyboard wipes on hand, and use them once a day, especially if you eat meals or snacks at your desk.
  • Clean your desk phone frequently using a spray cleaner, cloth, and cotton ball dipped in alcohol to wipe down the dial pad.
  • Keep your kitchen or break room clean by requiring employees to label food in the fridge with a date, wash dishes immediately after a meal, and wipe up any spills in the microwave right away.
  • Once a week, take a survey of the papers, knick-knacks, post it notes, Tupperware containers, and other items that have accumulated on your desk and throw away or take home what you don’t need. This will keep your work area from becoming too cluttered and disorganized.
  • While sofas, bean bag chairs, rugs, and other soft furniture may make a classroom comfortable, they are also breeding grounds for dust mites, which can irritate students’ allergies and asthma. If you do have any of these items in the classroom, vacuum and/or sanitize them at least once per week.
  • Pretend you are a client or customer and take a walk around any areas they would go through. Do you notice anything that looks unappealing, noticeably dirty, or unprofessional? Make note of anything you would not want to see as a customer and take care of these items as soon as possible.

ZE Maximum Building Cleaning can help you manage all these areas of cleaning and much more. From one-time appointments to ongoing maintenance schedules, we’ll keep your work environment spotless.

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