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Cleaning Services

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ZE Maximum Building Cleaning provides complete janitorial services for all types of commercial environments. If you become a long-term client with us, we’ll offer you a free flooring waxing, carpet shampooing, and carpet steaming once a year—just one way we show appreciation for our network of clients.

Contract Cleaning

We offer daily, weekly, and monthly contracts to ensure your work environment is always clean. We can customize the specific services you need and will make sure each item is completed at every visit.

Trash Removal

Restaurants, retail stores, offices, and other commercial building accumulate a lot of trash and it can quickly get out of control without proper management. ZE Maximum Building Cleaning removes all trash from paper products to food waste.


Dusting can be a tedious task, so let ZE Maximum Building Cleaning take care of it for you. We’ll make your surfaces look clean and remove harmful allergens in the process.


From fingerprints to bird droppings, our cleaning team washes interior and exterior window surfaces to keep your building looking polished.


It’s easier than you think to accumulate streaks, dirt, and stains on your walls. ZE Maximum Building Cleaning washes any type of wall surface from top to bottom.


We’ll get the dust and lint out of your carpets with our thorough, high powered vacuuming services.

Floor Stripping

ZE Maximum Building Cleaning offers complete floor stripping services to maintain your floor. We begin by cleaning to remove all dirt and dust; then we prepare the stripping solution. Our cleaning crew applies the solution to small sections of the floor at a time, using an automatic scrubber to remove the existing sealer.

Wax/Polish Floors

Following the stripping service, we will wax and polish the floor to restore its protective coating and shine. Our knowledgeable, professional cleaning staff knows the best products to use on your floor’s specific material.

Washroom Cleaning

Our Regina cleaning company offers floor to ceiling bathroom cleaning for any building and any size bathroom. We mop the floor, spot clean the walls,clean toilets, sinks, and showers, take out the garbage, and stock paper products.

Construction Cleaning

Large construction projects are always exciting, but they can leave behind a huge mess of dust and debris. ZE Maximum Building Cleaning removes sawdust, concrete residue, trash, and other debris left behind by the construction crew.

Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning is important for maintaining overall cleanliness in any room. We shampoo carpets thoroughly, removing all set in dirt and stains. A fresh scent and plush fibers are all that will be left behind.

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